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Food Court Westend branch         Innscor     Direct-Elevate
Food Court 1st Street branch      Innscor    Direct-Elevate
Food Court Masvingo branch   Innscor     Direct-Tower
Food Court Chinhoyi    Innscor      Direct-Elevate
Sakunda Albion Foodcourt    Innscor      Direct-Elevate
Foodcourt Beitbridge        Innscor   Direct-Tower
Foodcourt Julius Nyerere   Innscor        Direct-Kuchi
Foodcourt Lister Building     Innscor     Direct-Rio Douro
Foodcourt  Construction Hse    Innscor      Direct-Tower Con
Foodcourt Pomona    Innscor      Direct-Rio Douro
Pie City(first street)      Innscor   Direct-Tower
Bakers Inn Westend      Innscor      Direct-Elevate
Foodcourt Sweet Corner      Insscor           Direct-Tower
Nandos Samora Machel      Innscor   Rio Douro
Foodcourt Makoni         Innscor    Kuchi Construction
Foodcourt Marondera   Innscor       Tower Construction
Foodcourt Hughes House  Innscor  Rio Douro
Foodcourt Parkwell    Innscor    Direct-Machado
Bakers Inn Throgmoton    Innscor    Direct-Machado
Foodcourt Five Avenue  Innscor   Direct-Machado
Foodcourt for Total 4th St    Total Zimbabwe  Direct-Rio Douro
KFC Belgravia KFC     Southland P. M.
Bakers Inn Matlock   Innscor   Direct-Machado
Steers Newlands  Innscor Direct-Machado
Steers Samora   Innscor     Direct-Rio Douro
Foodcourt Simon Mazorodze   Innscor       Direct-Machado
Nandos Simon Mazorodze  Innscor      Direct-Machado
Fish Inn Mbuya Nehanda  Innscor  Direct-Machado
Fish Inn Fife Avenue   Innscor   Direct-Machado
Afro Foods Foodcourt  Innscor Direct-Machado 
Afro Foods Power Upgrade  Innscor Direct-Innscor 
Fish Inn Matlock Innscor   Direct-Machado
Econet Chisipiti Refurb  Econet  Direct-Support
Mugg & Bean Avondale   Mugg & Bean  Direct
Ocean Basket Borrowdale    Gallardo P/L        Tassmark Engin.
Smooch Zimbabwe B/dale Gallardo P/L  TassmarkEngin. 
News CaféBorrodale                                  Gallardo P/L          Tassmark Engin.
KFC Joina City KFC    Mukute Construction 
KFC Simon Mazorodze   KFC  Mukute Construction
Simply Asia Avondale  Vinal Investments   Direct
Ocean Basket Avondale   Vinal Investments  Direct  
News Café Fife Avenue Vinal Investments Tassmark
KFC Westgate KFC   Elevate Constr.
KFC Victoria Falls  KFC    Mukute Construction
KFC Brandfield Bulawayo    KFC       Mukute Construction


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    Physical Address:
    Suite 10 3D Centre
    Strathaven Shopping Complex
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    Harare, Zimbabwe